I'm Harrison, a videographer and photographer from Bristol UK.


Video and photography is something I’ve always been incredibly passionate about. So much so, that my camera could easily be mistaken for an extra limb. 


I started Harrison Dowling Media in the early part of 2014, with the aim to make video and photography content simple and more accessible to all sized businesses. Redefining what content needs to be in our current digital age, through experimentation and chasing trends. I work hard with the businesses I collaborate with, making sure I understand everything about them; their aims, their needs and most importantly their pain points, so I can help them as much as possible.


Anyway, that’s enough about me, I want to hear about you! If you managed to get through the above without stifling a yawn - perhaps we’re right for each other? If you’ve got any questions or just fancy a chit-chat, I always welcome an email or call. Speak soon, Harrison

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